Prof. Anna Francesca Biondolillo

"Creativity valuable pictorial language, anchored in a figurative reflects the inner state of mind that leads to captivating vision fruition."


Dr. Nadine Jupiter (Art Critic)

"The poetry pervades the entire work of Laura Petracca, which takes the viewer into worlds of inner beauty. The purity of the colors, the gracefulness of form, the balance of the composition of the brush strokes on canvas: all raises a magic wonder in the viewer of his works. Nature is made with a romantic sensibility and exquisitely feminine. However trattico the sign is well designed, the precise contours of the brush tip. All this reveals an instinctive talent on the part of the painter, who fearlessly reveals what the most at heart. The picture becomes art with her idyllic world of a magical, dreamlike atmosphere. Laura Petracca is an artist by the personal style that reveals his inner self, dipping his brush in his soul to create beautiful works: the user that remains is to grasp the deeper aspects and be charmed by them."


Dott.ssa Elena CICCHETTI (President Ass. In The World and Art Gallery Art Studio 4)

Works from the vibrant emotions. The salient point that recurs in his paintings and light, symbol of life, harmony and serenity. Intense colors, contrasting hours now processed with tonal gradation. Unable to internalize the narrative emphasizing the aesthetic moods, feelings and suggestions of a poetic perception. His works are the mirror of the soul in its creativity can concentrate his immense love for life and beauty.


Dott. Dino MARASA’ (art critic)

"Shapes, colors and especially light. In fact, the first impression you get looking at the works of Laura Petracca is the brightness emanating from the media with an uncommon ease. Intoxicated by the Mediterranean light of his country fails to transfer the power and expressiveness in his work. Whether a landscape is decorated in the perceived sense of celebration and exuberance of his personality that emerges from the vivid colors. Our has a strong emotional expression that is stimulated by every detail of reality. A summary of compositional and coloristic artistic expression that makes certain and determined as the character of his brushstrokes, with incredible precision, reveal the styles and designs that are familiar. E 'versatile artist, who has done research comparing the various currents with Laura Petracca and victorious out of every test paper giving some of his skills and his artistic talent. "


Prof.ssa Nadine GIOVE (art critic)

"Laura Petracca plays with colors and forms in a very playful and easygoing. The play of color in fact gay, so that each work has a great life force that shines directly on the viewer. The artist's hand is easily recognizable in the manner in which the sign trattico breaks in color, but s'ingentilisce in elegant shapes and almost stylized landscapes. Particularly in its marine breathe the scented air of the sea lapped by the gentle breeze, ideally in an explosion of synesthetic sensations. Laura Petracca use graphic techniques and styles, giving a feminine touch to paintings of effervescent beauty. "


Michele Andrea VINCENTI (Journalist)

A calm and reassuring nature is the focal point around which the art of painter Laura Petracca. The aim of art is to give shape through the colors not only to its deepest and most personal emotions, but also to the strong inherent power and that the colors themselves have to "cure" the spirit and look almost hypnotized flows slowly to the canvas. The art of color therapy Laura Petracca, whether voluntary or not, is the means by which the artist uses to encode its moods, the perception of a moment, a melancholy remembrance and poetic image of a Nature which becomes the mirror of the human nature of a Leopardi. But this differs from the conception of time; in the works of this' artist time seems entirely absent, there are no time parameters for orientation, the true compass is the poetry of color. In front of these paintings, the thought seems to reach a limbo that purifying wipes the blood from the gray day, giving us the illusion and hope that Nature is still there for us to remember our roots and to ease our pain by living in a world of vacuous lights and faded colors.

Dott. Dino MARASA’ (art critic)

... For the technical mastery and expressive syntax for the drafting of a artistic alchemy that is always renewed in colors and styles drawn from the well thought out and refined essence.


Prof. Oronzo Russo (Journalist)

Laura Petracca: the poetess of the color.
More than it paints my dreams they dirty poetry. And Laura Petracca often allows me of plaster. A dive in the void, with the stomach to torment me for a strange feeling of search. Laura, in fact, puts on in discussion in every job of his. Nothing exhaustive, continuous love for the new one able to satisfy her/it.
From here the great discovery: the jobs of Laura are the histories of each and all us, and not only because we are inebriated by that colors of which she is owner but because we realize the combinations of its being, in all the languages, in all the skins, in all the dialects, in all the prayers and the swearwords, that become endless, but, above all, because the anxiety of the absolute one of which Laura is continually to the search, is connatural to every human being, that also realizes her/it in the grayness of the life.
Its walk is not characterized by the fear, from the closing, from the mistrust, but from the curiosity, from the amazement, from the conscience of its strength. Never however connaturalized by safeties, from truth, but only from the compass of the sense and the humility that belongs her.
I have concerned the last four works with which Laura has subjugated me in a CD of it was modern. And I have discovered the great dream, that of the color as poetry, a great history that the anguish behind a sparkling smile that costs her many voids to make.
The search of the color doesn't have history and there is no time to have of it. It is Laura it marches astute because forced to live in an axiom that asks of the tomorrow. If it were so it would not be respectful of the world that surrounds her/it, the multiplicity of affections that you/they submerge her/it of his/her art. Only so he/she succeeds in understanding all the facets of the color without denying its existence and, when it is necessary to face spregiudicatamente the reality.
The result? Of the works of great communicative effect, that impassion you and they pervade, without lasciar it traces of discounted because Laura Petracca to every touch renews him as for enchantment. And it is so that you discover his/her search on the whole painting, from the great ones of the past to the contemporaries, from each drawing ammaestramenti that assimilated in the soul they strike the concert of the life of an artist.
From here the writing of Sandro Serradifalco “The postimpressionist imprint allows to glimpse a persuasive referable narrative wish to chromatic intuitions of big effect fruitivo.”
What it would not have-our timid intrusion-if you/he/she had not treasured the whole great painting that continually it studies and it analyzes for appropriating of that lifeblood that the brush makes companion of the true artists.


Prof.ssa Pina Petracca ( Poetess)

I don't know the pulsionis that give the soul to a brush, neither the passion that gives life to a pencil, but I can know the emotions that drive your hand among the colors that even more dignify your heart.


Sandro Serradifalco (Publisher of “Artistic Avant-garde”)

The postimpressionist imprint allows to glimpse a persuasive narrative wish, referable to chromatic intuitions of big effect fruitivo. The nature, with his/her convincing dress of the human feeling, it manifests him through brushstrokes fluid and perfect formulations segniche. In a to follow him of ciani, of magenta and of ochre, our artist meets his/her own descriptive desire in pictorial evolutions of excellent charm. A to know how to conjugate description and feeling, that it makes such really operated valid and effervescent in the own tonal strutturalità. Laura Petracca succeeds, therefore, in the intent to give value to the naturalistic simplicity understanding the value that is concealed for a long time in it. A sincere praise to such capable painter.


Victoria Bellomo (Artistic Manager de “The Centaur”, Kantiere Di art Multimediale, Bari)

The carrying figure of Laura Petracca is certainly that of the movement of the forms, of the dynamism, in full tuning with its strong liking toward the futurism, to which makes often homage with its beautiful works devoting cloths rich in signs, dreams and colors of splendid invoice among the other one. Another his/her characteristic is that of reinventare the nature as in the work “abstract Form with leaves”. he/she Writes Joseph Afrune: “His are abstract apparitions and also figurative, gotten at times with fragments puntinati and trajectories that intersect him and it strive him to contain them in rational geometries to create virtual equilibriums in spazialità.


“ArteRomaEuropa” (Newspaper of Art and Culture of the association International Gallery “The Collector”)

The greed of Laura Petracca for what looks and toward which sets the curiosity, it shines through with evidence and solarità freely revolving himself/herself/itself for all of this that is new up to become visual perception. The colors are the elements catalysts of a discovery to complete, that in which a part of truth is already present in us but for which have not found a name and the artist yet, colei that feels in what looks, he/she succeeds in naming and to mean. On a flat surface the artist puts not the figures and the colors as of the spontaneous stains, but disciplined, riempiendo the space according to complex equilibriums that the artist attentively studies, in a harmonica geometry. Laura Petracca uses the colors with liberty, to the search of incisive chromatic harmonies more and more.


Dr. Simone Fappanni (Studious of art)

On signaling of Dino Cecconi, art director of the Gallery “Images Space Art” of Cremona, I have admired the two works in permanence near the gallery and I have visited the personal site of the artist. The transport of Cecconi was, in effects, fully justified. Laura Petracca is really a creative that he/she knows how to space to trecentosessanta degrees, able, that is, to face manifold subjects without losing “element not from few” his/her own creative dimension, in degree to impassion. The production of this painter is characterized to our notice, for a dessert “transport” toward the nature: fields of flowers, landscapes that forgive rapidly him, foreshortenings of place that lean out on the sea, detach already to a first recognition. But as many coinvolgenti they seem us the jobs inspired to the teachers of the Futurism, the famous movement of avant-garde theorized in 1911 by Phillip Thomas Martinetti that, today it doesn't stop fascinating public and criticism yet. Laura Petracca succeeds in interpreting, in personal way, that sense of osmotic movement that is at the base of one of the principles hinge of the Futurism, through vibrating compositions authentically. Rather particular also him “homages” to Klimt, to Depero, Matisse, kandinsky to confirmation of the capable inspiration of this creative. (


Vincenzo Abati (Teacher of History of the Art near the Academy of Belle Arti of Lecce)

For an I mirror some artistic personality that also corroborates that human, she is brought to objectify Laura Petracca a painter of temperament, or better, of convictions, which alternate to a bright decorative wisdom, of clear abstraction kandischiana, a painting responsible to clarify with solutions of refined cromaticità her creative fervor.
A state d' uneasy mind that looks and she asks him on everything but that it reaches to conclusions of great communicative effect; a poetic lyricism that penetrates the I animate some things, of the Nature, really to underline what essential is and messagistico in an artistic run that wants to propose fattivamente an own search without never demordere, without never contradicting herself.
Of Laura, closing the eyes, we immediately remember those cloths of flowers salentini, evoked with free creative spontaneity, but we see pure that decorative fabric that involves and it enchants, and that graphics that, almost with musical rhythms, it vivifies the technical ability and manual of her. You imagine all contained inside of us but that the artist makes to resurface, as for enchantment, and to hand us her with a breadth smile of complicity.


Prof. Antonio Penna

If it is true that the works of a' artist they succeed in communicating immediate feelings, this is conclusive for the works of Laura Petracca, new painter, but already sure in her pictorial expressions.
The pictures of Laura inspire a sense of dessert serenity for a spellbound vision of the reality and for a delicacy of lines, of colors and of forms that recall a world of fable and primordial innocence. The references to Kandisky, that is evident in a lot of her works, are only an initial point from which the painter departs for a free and personnel elaboration of pictorial and decorative elements.
What favorably leaves amazed it is the way of treating the color and the form with an imagination open to any suggestion, yet so compact and homogeneous so much to be noticed an I balance internal really notable. You notices, besides, in Laura Petracca the ability to reconcile colors and forms of the classical art and the modern art in a preciousness of enamels, of silvers and of golds that marvel for a refinement that to someone she could seem excessive but that in reality it is index of a minute attention to the particular one that contributes to the happy solution of the whole.
Also the nature hears again of this ecstatic vision and, also in the almost absolute lack of the perspective, it appears as to concretize him of a dream I pour a possible, perhaps, return to an uncontaminated terrestrial heaven.

Teacher Giuseppe Afrune

The compositions that today Laura Petracca "it invents", they transport us in a fantastic world, where our mind and our soul they abandons, as to the listening d' a secret, mysterious music, that insists on certain lilts... that nevertheless they never seem to return to the same "way", to the same intensity, in the identical one "key". A wise rhythm supports the images in them contained and it is as if these were happened in different symbolic times. I am "apparitions", abstract and also figurative, gotten at times with fragments puntinati and trajectories that intersect him, it strives him to contain them in rational geometries to create virtual equilibriums in spazialità. It deals with a 'artist that has very operated and a lot of visa, that she has known how to treasure so many "lessons" of the art of our century.
The pictures and the decorations on glass are fruit of you deepen searches and of a long and fatiguing job.
The light, essential element of every true pictorial attempt, is resolved with correct relationships and flood of harmony and not with artificial effects. In the last fanciful and decorative jobs, Laura Petracca has succeeded in bringing us in remote once, with the imagination, the synthesis, the naturalness of a' artist of the new millennium.


Prof. Rocco Vergari (Teacher of History of the Art near I.I.S.S. of Tricase)

... The artistic run of Laura Petracca denotes one careful, deep, knowledge of the modern artistic trial, that translated with lines and colors, underlines a dense and cheerful interest for the facts that tie the man to the nature, almost insoluble bonds of the human existence.
In some rielaborazionis of works, Laura succeeds, with the alone aid of the juxtaposed colors, to improve, without the conceitedness to correct, the works of great artists. Its humility and its playfulness translated by lines and colors characterize and they thrill the observer.
Who has the pleasure as me to read the language of Laura, through her works, it feels, she sees,... a deep sense of Christianity.


Valerio Utri (Journalist of the Gazette of the art in Bologna)

... Laura Petracca expresses, with a style that could belong to the great teachers of the history of the modern art, a social condition that we undoubtedly cross and that naturally it involves all of us. Excellent however the graphic execution of the works and the chromatic compositions in the transcendental values.


Maurizio Antonazzo (Journalist Pubblicista)

It gives a lot of time, in to admire the works of a' artist, didn't feel any so immediate emotions and strongly intense, as she affirmed Paul Cèzanne: "The nature, for us men, are rather in depth that in surface, from where the necessity d' to introduce in our bright vibrations, represented by the red and by the yellows, an enough quantity of tones azzurrini to make to feel "the atmosphere", so the art of Laura Petracca appears, with solar, alive and quickening colors, always to the search of an indefinable endless, but well definite to communicate her emotions. Almost unreal her work, but in so concrete reality as it has to be the art that she knows how to transmit a message.
In the works of the young artist salentina is underlined its so jovial character, vivacious and coinvolgente, equally its colors and its technique bud in an unusual to flow of cromatismi, where the colors explode in a bright rainbow, internally making the richer observer. Definite lines, brush that, one to one, find again him to form an everything full of harmony and this transmits joy and life to whom looks careful.
Its works are all messages of an authentic personality, of a precise dialogue with whom admires its art, that makes to strongly shine through the studies developed to Lecce, capital chosen of quell' Baroque art, that often emerges in the works of Laura Petracca, which has known how to so effectively express him in its artistic life, allowing the student of the art to have a motive in more to think, look for and to gain in the brushstrokes and in its colors, the art... that true!

Teacher Luigi De Giovanni

The art for Laura is an instinctive search, that from form to its sensibility and its feelings, an universe in movement that springs in coherent and only works. Its run begins dall' Academy of Belle Arti of Lecce where it specializes him in Decoration. The study of the Futurism and of Fortunate Depero is a fundamental moment of her artistic formation, it is really to this period that you go up again the works characterized by fantastic worlds of mechanical transmissions where the vivacious colors are exalted by the dynamism of the sign.
Probably in her it is present a futurist temperament, in fact as the artists of that beautiful movement his to operate spaces from the painting to the decoration, always maintaining good levels. The glass door, the dishes, the trays are decorated with precise sign, curved lines, often bizarre, harmonicas and almost handwriting, with some oriental influence, they compete to works of sure originality, almost a light reinterpretazione of the Baroque one from her breathed and interiorizzato in the earth salentina.
The sign, become trace of its artistic growth it evolves him in an elegance compositiva and the cromies they compete to exalt the curvilinear and soft forms in sensitive and personal interpretations. The bond with the place, the humus of the environment in which alive and she has lived it is present in her works but the twistings of the vegetation of the salento, that are realized as I remember, they seem sgrovigliarsi to give feelings of serenity, almost a contrast with her volcanic being.
Well aware that the line is not the only expressive tool, it exalts the synthesis compositiva with explosion of light. In the works of the last period the instinctive layout of the colors, now kepter and data in cheerful way to small touches, the harmony and the equilibrium of the tonalities, the essenzialità compositiva, the freeeest brushstrokes and you approach, the softest sign is made in extremely personal way, foreshortenings and climates of dream, that its love remembers for Klimt, they make of Laura a' versatile, mature and free artist from conditionings.

Prof.ssa Mariarosaria Belgiovine (Journalist and writer)

A good person mixes that she valorizes her emotional line, with taste expressive rich in meanings, skilled in the chromatic transformation of the nature. L' interlacement gestuale grants symphonies coloristiche expressing full dynamisms of visions instinctive positions of essential harmonies.


Prof. Oronzo RUSSO (Journalist and writer)

Laura Petracca succeeds in not at all filling a void of the existence with episodic lines, of an existence always flood. The job and his continuous to put on in discussion, ago of Laura a complete artist that succeeds in delineating the formula of the life without traumas, also in the emotion of a painting that goes beyond the repetitive one. Color and formal exactness complete the eve of the full maturity of an artist destined to overcome the narrow regional form for a different free interpretation from cosmopolitan drawstrings and destined to the free interpretation of the art.


Tiziana CAZZATO (Poetess)

Laura Petracca moves to her works the solarità of her personality, giving life with her spontaneity, to paintings loads of intense creativeness and serenity. The painter excites with her works made of light and colors.


Prof. Domenico DISTILO (Teacher of Philosophy and History near High school Classico "Gerace" of Cittanova (RC))

The immediate impression that they arouse the jobs of Laura Petracca is of an extreme versatility, of an amazing ability to decidedly operate as effective rapid raids in different styles using technical appropriate compositive to the thematic ones to be developed.
The inevitable pendant of this vocation to the absorption and the adaptation, that she can also work, works certainly rather from recapitulation of the Nine hundred art history, it is the absence of a baricentro, of an unique inspiration to which to bring back the multiplicity of the expressions.
In this Laura Petracca it is in "toto" it gives birth of her time, of this post-ideological time dominated by the koinè, from the syncretism, from the dispersion, from the "occasionalità" of the sources and the inspiring motives that she succeeds however to always elaborate with great mastery of the techniques and with modulations that dearly make the whole thickness of her creativeness.
It deals with an artist that somehow it embodies that that we could define the paradox of the "postmodernità": the coexistence (sub kind artis) of disenchantment and creativeness.

Prof. Mariarosaria Belgiovine (Writer and Critic of art)

Its painting expresses a rich chromatic equilibrium exploiting every space with campiture evoked by its healthy creative emotion.
Its techniques alternate him, offering waits us of its internal world, modulated by instinctive affirmations stylizing the expressive simplicity of its mind.


Dott.ssa Anna Iozzino (Critic and Historian of the art)

Laura Petracca, sensitive and prepared artist, that knows how to play with the tradition and he/she knows how to melt with one experimental avant-garde of his. You/he/she has painted the coat of arms of Specchia as a whole elements harmonically prepared and according to norms that constitute the stable countersign of this small country in the province of Lecce. The representation of the symbols also has one ornamental importance of his and aesthetics. You/he/she could not miss an accumulation of flat stones as element riassuntivo of the history, since the country draws his/her own name from the “specchie”, ancient term that is to also point out the stones of notable dimensions, used by the inhabitants of that territory that were refugees on the highland to defend himself/herself/themselves against the raids from the sea of the Barbarians during the first Middle Age. The in bloom almond tree against a sky of an intense blue is the symbol of a flourishing agriculture, that the artist has made even more vivacious with the employment of the technical divisionista, brought ahead with wisdom and formal equilibrium.
Since the antiquity the Egyptian manufactures produced a big variety of objects of glass as beads, beetles, amulets, pomoli for furniture and inlays. The glass that is a combination of silice, mineral content in the sweet sands, with the carbon of kick, to our days you/he/she is used by capable artists as Laura Petracca, as I support for delighting us with compositions that accomplishedly enjoy for their shine of a symmetrical sketch and of primary and secondary colors in an equilibrium of forms and rhythms that you/they turn an exercise compositivo into an abstract, decorative and symbolic representation, in unstable balance among language and image. The transparency of the support, alternate visual results to according to of the quality of the light that illuminates him/it, but the suggestion stays an incontestable datum that gives energies place of different value in the insistent repetition of forms graphic - pictorial.

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