Laura Petracca was born in Specchia (LE), October 19 th 1963

Diploma of the Institute Professional " Draftsman is Stylist Of Fashion " and to the Academy of Beautiful Arts " Decoration " of Lecce

He teaches "History of Costume Design and" in the "Apparel and Fashion" at the IISS Professional Polo "Don Tonino Bello" Tricase (Le).

She has participated in numerous collective and personal shows, during which she has received prizes and recognitions of they remember him:
1982: Show of the Craftsmanship and the Hobbistica, Center Regional Cultural Educational Services, Specchia Regione Puglia
1987: Personal of painting and graphics near the Town room of Specchia (LE)
1988: Collective "Proposed '98", gallery d' Art CIDA Roma
1990: "X° Prize international universal", Venice
1990: collective of the winning artists to Venice, Florence
1991: Prize "Wine glass D' Gold '91", Padua
1991: collective of the winning artists to Padua, Florence
1991: Prize "Competed Mark AURELIO", Florence
1992: collective "Proposed '92", Gallery D' Art CIDA Roma
1992: prize "TOKYO" '92
1992: prize "Universal Exposure" Seville (Spain)
1993: collective "Artists SPECCHIESI", For-place Specchia (LE)
1995: collective artists "Historical Center" Specchia (LE)
1995: Prize Oscar of the Art Hotel President - Lecce
1996: Show of painting Craftsmanship and Artistic Photo, Specchia (LE)
1997: Show of painting Craftsmanship and Artistic Photo, Specchia (LE)
1999: Prize Jubilee 1999, Capitol, Rome
1999: Collective of Italian Painters "Artists of 2000", Bologna
1999: IV Rassegna of Painting, Craftsmanship and Photo, Specchia (LE)
2000: V Rassegna of Painting, Craftsmanship and Photo, Specchia (LE)
2001: It Resigns you of Painting, Craftsmanship and Photo, Specchia (LE)
2001: Prize "25° National Contest Of Painting is Graphic CRISTOFORO MARZAROLI" Building of the Congresses, Salsomaggiore Terme
2001: collective of Artists "Centaur KANTIERE D' Art MULTIMEDIALE" (Bari)
2003: Personal of Painting and Graphics near the Castle I Resole, Specchia (LE)
2003: 27° National Contest of Painting and Graphics "Cristoforo Marzaroli", Building of the Congressi,Salsomaggiores Terme, with assignment of the prize "Plate Thermal baths of Salsomaggiore"
2004: VIII Edizione Rewards International "St. Valentine" the Bella's Building, Vico of the Gargano, Manner
2004: Assignment Homage Prize to "El Salvador Give them", of the International Academy of the Dioscuris, Building Valentines, Rome
2004: 2° National Prize d' contemporary Art, Nardò, Lecce
2005: Assignment of the "Nobel Prize of the Art" Great European Artistic recognition "Montecarlo" (Monk's Principality)
2005: Prize "Dawn" Ferrara
2005: Lights, forms and colors of the Salento. Collective near the town Library TRICASE (LE).
2006: Prize Rome city with delivery of Pope Benedetto XVI parchment, Building Barberini, Rome.
2006: Prize gold Mercury, Room Congresses of the Grand Hotel of PORTOVENERE.
2006: Collective: XXIV edition of the “Florence Prize”, Five hundred Saloon, Old Building, Florence.
2007: Works in permanence near the Gallery of art “Images Space Art”, CREMONA.
2007: Collective near the “Centaur” Yard of art Multimedia, Cheater.
2007: Collective tied up to the prize: “A life for the culture” near the academy Art and Ecology, Rome.
2007: Assignment of the prize: “International Prix The Pantokrator” 2007, of the International academy of the Dioscuris, CORFU ', Greece.
2007: Collective: “Planet Donna: the creative universe to the female one”. Room Consiliare, Montegiordano Marina (COSENZA).
2007: International review of art " Rome-2007", Basilica S.Maria of the People - Room Agostiniana, Rome
2007: Prize "Anthony Van Dyck 2007", Grand Hotel Titian, LECCE
2008: "Verses in Art" Convent of the Francescani Neri. SPECCHIA (Le)
2008: Awarded the prize "city of the two seas" Taranto city of Magna Graecia, the Hall of Mirrors.
2008: 3rd International Prize for Painting, Sculpture and Graphic BOE '
2009: "Spring Art in Rome," collectively, with the award of the Prize for Painting at the gallery "the living room art", Rome.
2009: Collective: "Colors and Shapes of the Third Millennium" at the headquarters' s Academy of Arts and Crafts D'Terra Amendola, Specchia (LE)
2009: Collective "Signs of the soul. Litho-color combination of Terra d'Amendolia "at the Stables Prince Gallon, Tricase (LE).
2009: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Size abstract", Taormina (ME)
2009: Sixth International Competition of Painting Trophy GB MORONI 2009 "Emotion" BERGAMO diploma signaling
2009: Participation in "Art Fair of Padova 2009" PADOVA
2010: Group exhibition honors with reporting on the 6th Competition GB Moroni at Artemisia Gallery BERGAMO
2010: Art Prize X 2010
2010: 1st Group Exhibition: "The Edge of the world what you gonna find?" Conducted by the Art in The World, at the Art Gallery Studio 4, ROME
2010: Seventh Painting Contest Trophy G.B. MORONI "The Colours of my land" with the award of diploma signaling at Artemisia Gallery New Gallery BERGAMO
2010: International Award "The Hercules of Brindisi" by appointment as ambassador of the Mediterranean - Provincial Government Building - BRINDISI
2010: Exposición colectiva de artistas seleccionados para la primera Bienal Internacional de Pintura, Escultura y Diseño Gráfico en la ciudad de Lecce - Stomeo Galería de Arte - Arte - Martano (LE)

And present:
- On the monthly magazines: Venetian gallery, Tuscan Gallery and Academy Florence
- In the International Catalog D' Modern Art: MDS n. 4-n.6
- Encyclopedic dictionary D' Art Contemporary Artists 1994
- L' Elite "Selection d' Italian Art 1995"
- Official quotations "Top Art"
- Art Book " Salento '98"
- "Top Art" National Catalog of the Contemporary Art 1999
- Italian art from the Nine hundred to today, II° Edizione
- L' Elite 2004 Selection Italian Art
- Artistic avant-garde 2005
- International Encyclopedic dictionary D' Modern Art is Contemporary 2005/2006
- “Eco d’Arte Moderna” il Candelaio Edizioni, Firenze.
- Artistic avant-garde 2007
- Monograph: "Planet Donna-Universe Creative feminization" series "Masters of the Century", Edizioni Comed-Milan.
- Avant-garde art 2008
- 'BOE' news magazine of art and culture with an insert on "Women in Art"
- 'BOE' news magazine of art and culture with an insert on "Painters of Puglia
- EuroArt periodical of art, culture and current affairs.
- Abstract Dimensions International Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Taormina Gallery.
- BOE’: arts and cultural news magazine insert "Special Landscape"
- BOE’: arts and cultural news magazine insert "Special Puglia
- Avant-garde Art 2010
- C.A.I. Artistic Italian Census 2010
- Grand Masters - 2010 Edition - Arts Publisher Distribution Center
- Catalogue of the Hercules Award-Brindisi

They have written of her:
Dino MARASA’, Andrea Michele VINCENTI, Nadine GIOVE, Antonio PENNA, Valerio UTRI, Luigi DE GIOVANNI, Giuseppe AFRUNE,Rocco VERGARI, Maurizio ANTONAZZO, Vincenzo ABATI, Mariarosaria BELGIOVINE, Oronzo RUSSO, Tiziana CAZZATO, Domenico DISTILO, Anna IOZZINO, Simone FAPPANNI, Vittoria BELLOMO, Sandro SERRADIFALCO, Dino MARASA’, Nadine GIOVE, Andrea Michele VINCENTI, Pina PETRACCA, Elena CICCHETTI,

- “The Newspaper Of Wafer”, Daily of Information of the Roman Shore;
- “South meridian” Daily of Puglia is Basilicata;
- “POSEIDONE” Periodic of Art, Culture, Cinema, Music, Sport, of the International academy of the Dioscuris, Taranto;
- “Puglia” Daily of regional life;
- “The echo Of the Cities” Information-actuality;
- “BIBLIOTECANDO”, quarterly of the Town library “Gaetano Salvemini”, SPECCHIA;
- “The Screamer” seen again monthly edited by the institute of Superior Secondary education, TRICASE;
- “ARTEROMAEUROPA” Newspaper of Art and Culture of the association International Gallery “The Collector”, Rome;
- “South express train” monthly of politics actuality and culture;
- “Mr. CHISCIOTTE” monthly edited by the Kantiere of art Multimediale “The Centaur”, Cheater.
- “The echo of the Cities” Information - Actuality.
- "IL GALLO" The newspaper of the Salento


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